Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Happy Tuesday

Yesterday was such a perfect day to get some Fall cleaning done. After lunch we stopped though. I had, had enough. I managed to get the brick washed on the front of the house and the outside windows. The Kristy worked inside dusting and washing curtains and just general cleaning. I decided I did not want the traverse rods up anyone more, so I had Rachel find a screwdriver and take them down. What I wanted to get was a pole rod. The ones you need the rings for and you hook the curtains to the rings. When I was at Wal-Mart, I was adding everything up and it came to over $100.00. I really could justify spending that amount of money for this project. $40.00 in rings alone! Not to mention the 2 rods I needed. I decided to get regular curtain rods and spent less than $25.00 and also bought 2 boxes of filters for my fish tank. This is a little bit more realistic.
I did not get a chance to go and get my work shoes yesterday so I am hoping to do that today. I still have the back room to do as far was windows and washing curtains but, that won't take long. When Doug gets up I can get our bedroom curtains done and that will be that.

Crochet Cabana started it's 10th anniversary with a 'Sandie' search. Somewhere on her website she hid 10 cross stitched Sandies. I still have only found 9. The one on the anniversary page does not count. Are you sure Sandie??? LOL When all of the winners have been claimed, I'll post the results. I just don't want to give anything away. I'll be working on the puzzles today. I love puzzles.

Her first day of celebration did not go well. She ended up getting a Trojan virus on her computer and it will be down for the rest of the week until her husband can look at it this weekend. Not sure why people have to do this sort of thing. :o(

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