Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary Crochet Cabana!

Here's a link to find out what's happening at the Cabana.

Congratulations on 10 years Sandie! Plus hitting over 3000 members! Amazing! Let the party begin! Sandie has so many things planned for the month of Oct. I still have the puzzles to do yet. I hope to get to them over the next couple of days. I did try the crossword puzzle but didn't get too far. Then I tried the scrambled words. Didn't get too far there either. lol Maybe if I tried doing them other than 3am, my brain might work.

I have the next 3 wonderful days off. I hope the weather holds out. I guess I could turn the tv on and find out couldn't I. I love the quiet of the mornings though. I have always liked being the first one up. I guess this is my 'me' time. Everyone has to fit some of that into their day. Keeps the sanity.

The company I work for gives the employees $100.00 towards a pair of steel toes shoes. This is awesome! I got a pair from Wal-Mart a while ago but, they are really not good for my feet. I hope to find the store today and see what I can pick up. I also want to find out what their return policy is. If I can wear them around the house to see how they will work for me. If not, I'd like to know if I can bring them back and try something else. $100.00 is a lot of money for shoes that re going to sit around, not being worn.

The other thing the company does is, they give so much towards prescription safety glasses. This is a great thing. They don't pay 100% for progressive bifocals like I have but, the money they do pay toward them will be very helpful. They are expensive. Right now I have to wear safety glasses over my regular glasses and it is quite the pain in the neck. So, the sooner I can get this done, the happier I'll be.

Coffee is gone. time to start my day. Again..Happy Anniversary Sandie! and here's to 10 more years. lol

Until next time...


Sandie said...

Thank you so much, Bunny! I'm excited and do have a few things planned for the site. My mind is whirling!
Glad your company is helping out with the expenses for things you need to use at work. That's great! My previous glasses were bifocals too, but I found I always took them off at the computer anyway, so this time I just got single vision lens for distance. I need them to drive and walk around without bumping into things. LOL

Anonymous said...

sounds like you are ready to take care of business. Hope you do do some relax time in there.