Wednesday, November 21, 2007

DWTS results

Mike will be coming down today for Thanksgiving and may stay until Sunday. We'll see. Either day could be a bad travel day but, he is leaving early this morning so he'll hopefully be here between 10 and noon. I'll have to call at lunch and make sure he has made it ok.

Well...Jennie went home last night. I don't think it was any surprise. It was down to Helio and Jennie and like Len said, if he had to choose, he would pick the person that was more consistent throughout the competition. Helio.I don't think Jennie ever thought she had a chance at winning. It'll be neat to see what they do next week. I'm glad Marie stayed another week. I love watching her perform.

I did not stay up to watch the bachelor show. I started to and said, I really don't care why he didn't pick either one and went to bed.

My working is giving us tomorrow and Friday as holiday. So we get paid for both days even if we do not work. Some are going in on Friday. I was going to but, I do not have anything to wear on our trip and the sales will be on Friday. It will be a good day to go. Hopefully I find something I like. lol

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you families. Overeating IS an option. Try as we might, it always happens. lol

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Well, you can tell that i am really out of it. Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. I mean we are working on Christmas now and I am just catching up to Thanksgiving. Really!! Get with it woman is all I can tell you about me.