Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Just one word! WOW! What a show! They all had their A game on last night. Even Jennie. When only 2 votes separate 4 people, you KNOW they were good. The judges have been so hard on Jennie and sometimes rightly so. I'm glad she made the trip to Disney. It really did seem to help. I also loved Marie last night. Not that I don't every week but, she really brought it last night. I still think that either Marie or Jennie go home tonight.

I also stayed up to watch The Bachelor. I saw the first show and do not watch it because I have to be in bed by 10pm so I can get up at 4am. Anyway, the way the announcer was talking about the first surprise ever, it's like ok..now what. WEll...I DID watch it and the bachelor, I don't
Brad picked NOBODY! That has never happened. They always pick SOMEBODY and if after the show it doesn't work out, they just go their separate ways, but to pick NOBODY. Both girls were really crushed also. I probably would be also if I go that far and the way he was talking and all. They have a show on where the girls confront him and question him on what happened. It's on tonight at 10pm.

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Sandie said...

Well, Jennie did go home and Marie gets to play another week. Good luck to all of them!

Anonymous said...

I watched both Bachelor shows and was just as shocked by his attitude in the confrontation show as I was with the fact that he picked no one. What a wasted season and my heart went out to both girls.