Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Sunday!

Not much going on here. I did not even crochet or knit anything yesterday. I guess we all need a day off ONCE and a while.

It was so nice working yesterday. There were only 4 of us that went in. It was only 4 hours. 6am-10am. We got so much done. We even had some great music playing to make the time go by. A little Foreigner, a little Johnny Cash, 70's music, just an all round mix of music. Really nice. The younger kids like to play (what I call) angry music. A whole lot of noise and screaming and yelling. They don't play it too much but, when they do I try and tune it out. If they start playing it too much I will say something. A girl that used to work there before used to play that and Steve said something after I did. He didn't like it either. It's not bad if you mix it up a bit but, you just can't play it constantly. It really does in fact do something to your attitude.

Doug and I decided we are going to breakfast at Denny's. There is an IHOP here but, it's a little too far away. Denny's is only about 10 mins. away. We also like Friendly's and haven't been there in a while either. Maybe next weekend if he is not working. :o)

Have a wonderful day.

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

A break once in awhile from the hooks and needles is a good thing. I myself am taking a break today. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast.

I agree with you that the newer music out there does something to the attitude of those listening. I am a 70 and 80's girl myself.


k said...

Love Jonny Cash & foreigner. I agree about hte `new' music kids play-a lot of anger.

Anonymous said...

I love country music. Was raised with it. But I also love Frank and Dean