Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A new place to send shawls to

Well, as luck would have it, I was doing my daily blog hopping and found a blog that has state by state charities. Like I need more places. lol Anyway, here in Delaware, there is Shawls of Love . The link don't change with the page but, if you click on charities state by state and click through to Delaware you'll find it. She has personal info on there that I won't post without her permission but it is there. She is in Seaford, DE which is not far from here. I had stated on a shawl and ask her if she was still looking for shawls and she said yes. I told her about the Prayer shawl Ministry and said that she could request shawls that way also and would be a good way to get a number of them in a short amount of time, depending on what their need is.

Shawls of Love
Contact: Denise Rogers
About us: We are a small group of volunteers at Nanticoke Memorial Hospital. We make shawls for victims of sexual violence/abuse, domestic violence/abuse and elder abuse that come through our Emergency Room. This is just our way of letting these people know that they are cared about. It is our hug to them from us. We need volunteers and donations.
We make / need: We have crocheters, knitters, loomers and even a few that use fleece to sew the shawls. There is no set pattern or colors. Donations can be in the form of made shawls, material, yarns, and even monetary. Every little bit helps!

I hope your week is going well so far. Not much happening here.

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Lion Brand site has that feature also and also one that tells you of any knit or crochet groups in your area.