Saturday, December 8, 2007


I have been hesitant about writing about this because it can be very controversial. To start at the beginning..last year, at CPC, where I work now, there were people who wanted to get the Teamsters in. Maybe they thought they would get more money, or whatever reason. It did not get to a vote because there was not enough interest. At the end of last year the mass lay off. Not sure what it boiled down to but, just about everyone was laid off. I went to work for MCubed which is a union company. I had no choice to go there because, being on unemployment, I needed a full time job. There is a lot more to this story but, I'll keep it brief.

I have always wanted to go back to CPC because of the people there. I had my chance to go back and got hired on Nov 5th. Well..I knew before I went back that there was talk of getting the union in there again this year. They can bring this up once a year. I went back anyway. Since I have been back, there has been nothing but talk about this amongst people. The biggest asset CPC has is me. The reason being, I have worked over there and the things others that are saying that have come over from there are saying is not the total truth. I have set a few people straight whether they believe me or not.
Bottom line is that there were 64 people eligible to vote. Every last one of the 64 people voted. The union challenged 4 people. Kenny because he is acting supervisor and the supervisors are not allowed to vote. Lee and I were challenged because of our start dates. He started Oct 15th and I started Nov 5th. The cut off date. The company rep challenged Mike because he was not on the list and his start date was No 19th. Not even close. He is pro union by the way. They probably told him to go and see if anyone would notice. THEY DID! lol
Anyway, the poll closed at 3:30pm and there were between 20 and 25 people who had stayed to see the results. We would not have known until Monday which would have been shear torture.
One by one the votes were counted and the no pile kept building, and building and building.
The out come of the vote was 15 yes votes to 49 no votes. We can't be any happier!
If the company was making money and people were not getting the raises they deserved or the benefits sucked I could see it. CPC has never been a company to give back when they had it and as the voting shows, people know this. Now the real hard work starts. Moving forward and getting the company back on it's feet. We believe in the company and now the company sees it also.
Now that the voting is behind us, maybe now we can get back to work.

I just want to go on record to say that I truly do not believe that all unions are bad. Some can be really good, like the writers union in California. If you look at the auto workers, the union probably started out to be a good thing also but, they can't help if nobody is buying cars and people are getting laid off left and right and plants are being forced to close down. There is a Chrysler plant right here in Newark that do not know the outcome of this plant. This plant makes Durangos. Not sure why they don't go and make a smaller vehicle. They are already set up for it. I don't know everything about the situation either. I'm just saying that in our case, it would have put everyone's job in jeopardy.

Enough about this. Everyone is just glad it's over and now I can concentrate on getting ready for our trip to Aruba on the 17th. Which reminds me..I need to go shower and get ready to go.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hubby worked for 20 years for a unionless company and it was the same each year the vote was taken, no union. The company always was more than fair to their employees and they knew it. They did not need a union to fight for them because there never was anything to fight for. It was always given to them freely.