Monday, December 10, 2007

Really messed up I think

I tried to use a new Christmas template yesterday and decided instead of using my old blogger and maybe losing all of my info, I would create a new blog and play with that one. Somehow it merged together. When I log in, it is still the same front to me but, when I go to customize, it has the Christmas template and no info. *big sigh*. I'll worry about this later I think.

On to better things to talk about.

Not sure where the time went. On Friday I thought I still had 3 weeks. LOL I only have THIS week! I woke up an hour early this morning. I was very cold but, my thoughts quickly turned to packing. Where was my carry on luggage? (Right there on the bedroom floor). I did print out a what can I take type list. Doug got it from Transportation Security Administration . Very useful information. Most of it has to deal with carry ons though. Someone I work with went to Jamaica in Oct and said he had no problem bringing normal size shampoo and conditioner and body wash and all of that. The site says 3 oz containers for liquids and stuff. For carry ons! long as the shampoos and stuff of normal size are in your checked luggage, there wouldn't be a problem.I can't wait to go and to get out of this cold, rainy weather. Of course I would rather deal with this than the heat of the summer.

Here is the itinerary:

Mon 17-Dec-07Philadelphia (PHL)Depart 7:30 amtoOranjestad (AUA)
Arrive 1:01 pm1,919 mi(3,088 km)Duration: 4hr 31mnUS Flight: 8533Economy/Coach Class ( 06E, 06F ), Food For Purchase, Airbus A319Total distance: 1,919 mi (3,088 km)Total duration: 4hr 31mn
Fri 21-Dec-07Oranjestad (AUA)Depart 2:00 pmtoPhiladelphia (PHL)Arrive 5:50 pm1,919 mi(3,088 km)Duration: 4hr 50mnUS Flight: 8543Economy/Coach Class ( 08E, 08F ), Food For Purchase, Airbus A319Total distance: 1,919 mi (3,088 km)Total duration: 4hr 50mn
Mon Dec-17-2007 (4 nights)Tamarijn Aruba All InclusiveJ E Irausquin Boulevard 41OranjestadAruba
Check in: Mon Dec-17-2007
Check out: Fri Dec-21-2007
Reservation questions: +1 (800) EXPEDIA For other information contact the hotel: Tel: 297 (5) 25-5200 Fax: 297 (5) 25-5203Hotel class: More lodging infoRoom description:Deluxe Ocean frontIncludes: All-InclusiveContact: Douglas Giambra2 adults / seniors

I'm working on Sandie's Heart Prayer Shawl (ch 2 version) C2007 Sandra PetitWhen I first tested this pattern with Sandie, I used the Jiffy yarn and loved it but, with Wool-Ease still on sale 2 for $4.00 I am using 2 strands held together. One strand of Blush Heather and one strand of Rose Heather. It's coming out very nice. Even using the 2 strands it still soft and I don't think too heavy. It will be going to Shawls of Love, right here in Delaware. I am hoping to mail it out before I leave. I only have one more heart to go and then the border so it shouldn't be too bad to finish. It's just with everything else going on, do I have the time? I guess I make the time. lol I also have 8 hats I want to send to Millie for her homeless shelter she donates to.I guess that's enough for one day. lol I'll post a pic of the hats tomorrow.

Have a great week!

Until next time...


Sandie said...

Blogger suggests saving your info before installing a new template. Then you can put it back to its original state if it messes up, which almost assuredly I would mess up. LOL I did save mine at one point but then decided not to change it cos I am a fraidy cat.

Anonymous said...

I was scared to change mine also but finally gave in and it worked out fine for me. I had saved my sidebar stuff first of course. You must be getting so excited by now. Only three days!