Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sick again

Thursday of last week, I had a sore throat. Friday I went in to work as usual and ended up leaving at 10:00am. I was cold all day and had a heavy flannel shirt on, that I use as a jacket. I was wrapped in a blanket and sat in my chair in front of the heater. I ended up having a temp of 101.1. I was going to try and go in on Saturday to make up the 4 hrs I lost but, I did not make it in. Needless to say, I have not gotten anything done again this weekend. I managed to clean the fish tank this morning and later I will do the kitty litter box. I have done some laundry but, the machine is doing the actual work. I just put the stuff in.
Doug has been sick with a cold for the last 2 weeks also. Not sure what's going on. I think I will spray the house down with Lysol. Rachel is also sick now with a cold. Benedryl really helps at night.
I will go to work tomorrow. Between lots of juice and Halls cough crops, I found that drinking warm water also helps in stopping coughs.
Hopefully tomorrow, starting a new week and all, things have to start getting better. One would think that with all this freezing weather we have been having, it would kill the germs and virus' around.
I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Feel better soon Bunny. Sending some hot homemade chicken noodle soup to you through this post!!! Can you smell it honey?? When I have a bad cough and can not lay down because of it I light a candle and it quiets the cough so I can sleep. Something I learned from my grandma.

Big warm hugs,

Sandie said...

Sorry you and your family have been sick, Bunny! I used to spray Basic G (from Shaklee) around the house which seemed to help us not to pass illness around too much. When I get a cold or sore throat, hot coffee or cocoa, soup, and cough drops (not all together heh) helps me. A hot shower soothes as well. Hope you're better soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have not been around. Hope your feeling better.