Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Started walking again

Yesterday I had the urge to go out for a walk. After I dropped Rachel off at work at TGI Fridays, I put Sasha's harness and leash on and went for a walk. It was only for about 10 mins but, it sure felt good. We went tonight also. I love the fact that Delaware is flat. lol Oh..I guess there is a hill a 2 but, I haven't found them yet. I am anxious to get my bicycle out again also. I don't go very far but, it's enough to get out and about. It's suppoe to get up towards 60 by the end of the week. I can't wait! Window open time?? Maybe!

I hope you week is going well.

Until next time...


Scarlet@kfu.com said...

Good for you Bunny. That is one thing that I have to discipline myself with, I need to walk at least 15 minutes three times a week, so says the doctor. I need to start that soon to firm up some of the flab that I have hanging on my legs from the weight loss. TMI, hehehe


Anonymous said...

Yes our temps are going up this week too. the snow will melt, gradually I hope, but we are in for a muddy mess.

k said...

Greetings to my lost bunny friend-
I have been missing my crochet friends & I am trying to `catch up' with your life events. Walking or biking - grat fun-anytime you can get ourdoors The Lord with `kiss' you thru a simple breeze & you will glow. ((HUGS))