Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home alone...

Your son (or daughter) gets an apartment, rents a UHaul gets all of his things out and you get your sewing room back. Your husband leaves for work at 3:05pm and gets out at 12:30am. Your daughter has to been in work at 3:45pm until 12:45am. Leaving you home all alone to do with your time whatever you want. Go anything....What do you do? Yep! Vacuum and shampoo the carpet! I'd say I live on the wilder side of life wouldn't you? LMBO As soon as the carpet is dry, I will put my computer desk back and then I will be able to get my sewing table back in there. That will free up the back room a little bit and it won't look so cluttered. It was really nice having Steve here for the last year. He has really helped out quite a bit. Of course we helped him get going again after moving here from Florida. Hmm..I wonder if he will still come over and cut the grass. Probably not. *sigh* It is quiet I can say that much. I think I will have a bowl of soup or something and wait for the carpet to dry. It's a lot like watching grass grow actually.

Hope your having a wonderful weekend.

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Good for you Bunny to have a craft room for yourself. I think I would have done the carpet as well since it was all cleaned out, the perfect time to do something like that.

I bet he will still do the lawn. :)
Enjoy your new free time and your new room.


Sandie said...

I don't have a sewing room, but I have a yarn corner and a couple of bins over the freezer, oh and one in my closet. :-) Yes, I am spread out all over the place. When my daughter moved out, my husband took the room. He is so pleased having his own space, so that is good. Don't worry, Bunny. A mom knows how to place just that bit of hint there so the grass gets mowed. LOL