Saturday, March 22, 2008

What we've been up to

We have been talking about putting in new counter top for 2 years now. We are finally going to get them done. As with some projects, things are not always as easy as you would like them to be. Whoever put the counter top in before, used it as a back splash and glued it to the sheet rock. As you can see, we ended up replacing the sheet rock. There is still much to do. We are having Lowe's put the new counter top in because it is Corian and the sink part has to be cut out. Besides, if anything goes wrong, they have to fix it. :o) Once we get done with everything we can set up an appointment to have them come in and make a template. Then they will go back and cut out the counter top. The woman said it should be 2 weeks from the time they make the template. We've waited 2 years. 2 weeks isn't really long at all. I mean it is when you have stuff all over the place but, it will go by fast.
The house seems like it is stuck in the 70's. It's time for much needed updating! We won't have our kitchen for Easter so, we will be going to eat some place. There is a restaurant called Bugaboo. It has really good food. Not fancy, just good food. We could go to the Olive Garden but we were there not too long ago.
That's pretty much all that's going on here.

Until next time...


Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

It's going to be beautiful Bunny. It is so nice to do home improvements. Hope you had a wonderful dinner out with your family.


Sandie said...

It will be lovely when it's done. We have also talked about redoing the kitchen, but I so love my countertops. They are stained though and probably need to be replaced at some point.

Anonymous said...

It will be great when finished. I know you will be happy to have it done. I think the Olive Garden sounds wonderful. As often as you like.