Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R.I.P Girlfriend

July 10,1998-December 30,2008

My tribute to the best dog in the world.

Rachel, Steve and I just got back from the vets. We had to put our beloved Sasha to rest. She has been declining for a while now. The latest was on Saturday when she had a seizure. While I was on the phone with the hospital she had another one. After that, she was not able to talk, stand up or walk. She hadn't eaten anything since Sunday night. Just drank water.

Our journey with Sasha started back in 1998. There was a breeder by our house that had a dog that gave birth to 13 puppies. Only having lost one at birth. I did not want another dog but, Doug insisted we stop just to look at them. Well, little did we know, from that day on, how our lives would change for the better. She filled the needs of everyone. For me..she was my girlfriend. I could tell her anything and it would not go any father than that, or at least nothing that got back to me. She loved unconditionally. No questions asked. In return, she got her treats, played kong and went for walks, got baths and brusings and manicures. She stalked squirrels, as if she really thought she could catch one. Her and Squeaky were best friends also. I never saw a dog and cat get along so well. I remember them walking side by side in the yard. Cutest thing I ever saw. Sasha also liked to bark at the door whenever we arrived home. Tail wagging. What a welcome home greeting we got. It didn't matter who it was. She greeted us all the same way. She liked to sleep in front of our bedroom door at night. What a job it was, getting up and trying to step over her, closing the door at the same time and not waking Doug up. I will miss that. She liked to sleep in front of the washer and dryer, right in front of the bathroom door. You had to step over her there too. For Doug, she was his alarm clock. When he asked me to get him up at 6am, I would send her in and she would get him up. She would even get loud with him if he didn't get up fast enough, but if he didn't get up and she had to go back in, she would lay on the floor and sleep with him. So much for that and I would laugh. She would get her treat anyway. She was a very special girl.
When my kids did something wrong, I always used their middle name. Steven Paul, Michael Edward, etc. Sasha was no different. There were many times she got called Sasha Marie. It was my Mom's middle name and Rachel's middle name. It just seemed to fit her.

Sasha...you will surely be missed. You were one of a kind. Sent here to enrich our lives forever.

We love you Sweetie.

Until we meet again...


Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you lost such a close friend. I have had the same personal experience with my cat. I know how empty you feel without her there.

And on a happier note I love your new look.

Sandie said...

I know exactly how you feel. It is very difficult to lose such a dear friend. I miss many things about our dear Mollie that of course might have been called annoyances when she was with us. :-) It is an adjustment. My sympathies.