Monday, January 5, 2009

Finished Mittens

I finished the pair of mittens I started yesterday with Vanna's Choice Taupe Mist. These are really easy to do. It really shouldn't take so long to make, it's just that I was doing them at break time at work and lunch time and finishing them here.
I think I posted the pattern yesterday.
These will go to Sandy for The Bridge Project. I know she was looking for mittens, I was looking for an easy pattern and came across this one. As posted yesterday, I did make a couple of adjustments to make them longer to fit my hands. They are about 11 1/2" long so they should be good for a man.
I'll get a few more things together before sending these out.
Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Perfect for holding a nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. The color reminds me of coffee beans. Great job.

Sandy said...

You are awesome! In sooooo many ways. Your box arrived today. Just posted pics of your donations. I can feel the love and know how good people will feel wearing them. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Mittens....there are fabulous. I've got to look back, I know I wanted the pattern, can't find it, was sure I save it or printed it. Ohhhhhhh these work hours are making me a bit crazy. They really look wonderful, as all things you make are.


Sandy said...

Hey you see previous comments made on your previous blogs? I finally got mine set to where I do, but for longest time kept leaving comments that people never saw...people were only getting emails if they set it that way, other than that only saw the current post, and being tech challenged I didn't know that. Just left you notes on your previous blogs, then wondered if you'd see them. Habits are hard to break.