Thursday, January 29, 2009

Newborn cardigan

Pattern: Newborn Raglan Cardigan

Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Dusty Blue

Hook: I

I was looking for another sweater pattern and found this. Although I did the sleeves wrong, I think it came out ok. OK...the thing with the sleeves is this, at the end of the row when you ch2, I crocheted in the round instead of ch2 turn going back. It gives the sleeves a different look than the body. I have started another one and the sleeves are right and you will be able to see the difference. I really don't think anyone will care though.

Until next time...



Crochet Princess said...

I think it's precious! No one will care about the sleeves - they will be happy to have a sweater for their baby! I've made 2 like that and starting on my 3rd. They work up quick!

June said...

I think it turned out to be a great sweater! Love the color, too.

Scarlet said...

I too think it turned out great. The sleeves look great as well. I line June love the color.


Ghost said...

Bunny, this is a nice looking sweater. I too often don't follow the pattern and wander off into my own head and change it a bit. It makes it a unique, one of a kind item. Good for you, it looks great.