Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I found an old favorite pattern

Millie was kind enough to share some yarn that was sent to her. This is one of them.
Pattern: Angel Shell Dress by Beth Parsons (Crochet Princess)
I did change the pattern a little though. I didn't join the back. I left it open to make it easier to get on the little ones. Also, instead of buttons, I put 2 ties in the back. I love this pattern. I have made many in the past in different yarns and hook sizes.
Thank you Beth. :o)
Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft Baby White Pompadour
Hook size: H
Until next time...


Crochet Princess Beth said...

That is so pretty! I thought I saw that some where before! :) It's a favorite of mine too! A friend of mine added sleeves to hers and it turned out so cute! You can leave the back open like yours and weave a ribbon thru the waistline and tie that in the back too. It's a cute pattern to play with and make the babies so cute in!!! Glad you like it! Hugs!

Ghost said...

Oh this is just way to sweet for words. It is now in my pattern collection.

June said...

I had to get a copy of that pattern, too. Your work is beautiful. I do a lot of Prayer Shawls for the hospital. This would be nice to make for the newborns, some of whom have nothing to leave the hospital with! Thanks for sharing this. Thanks for your concern about Dora, too.

Scarlet said...

How adorable.. I love them all. You do beautiful work Bunny. I know I've not been blog visiting lately so I am trying to catch up now.