Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I've been up to..

1st off I want to say how much I love the new vac. As much as anyone can love a machine. lol

It actually goes by itself. Self-propelled so to speak. So there is literally no work involved and no sweating. I had everyone try it out to see what I was talking about. They all love it also. Great choice in vacs!

Here is a front and back view of the cape I finished last night.

Pattern: Wheelchair Wrap

Yarn: Wool-Ease in Rose Heather

Wool-Ease Dark Rose Heather for the bottom and trim.

Hook size: K

The pattern called for 28 rows and then finish on the 29th. I only went 26 rows because of the amount of yarn I had. I also took it to work and didn't have the pattern with me to do row 29 so I just put a sc border on it. I think it looks ok.

This will be going to Millie to the VNS of NY. When I talked to her on the phone, she told me besides babies, children and teens they also collect for seniors. This wrap does not have to be just for people in wheel chairs. It is a nice length for sitting in a chair or whatever.

When I get home I will post a pic of the cuddles I made also going to Millie. She also told me there is a kennel not too far and they take cuddles so with the Caron yarn I had left I made one.

I had a minute and decided to post it now.

Pattern used: Straight knit ever row.

Yarn used: One strand of Caron One Pounder in Lace

One strand of Caron One Pounder in Neutral Tones (variegated)

The 2 strands makes it nice and cushiony.

Needles used: 13

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Until next time...



Crochet Princess Beth said...

Your cape is so pretty! That is on my list to work up...sometime! Love your Vac you got for Valentine's Day! And it's even red! Have a great day! Crochet Hugs!

June said...

Love your cape and the snuggles. That cape is on my "to-do" list as soon as I get this MaM afghan done (2 more strips!) I always enjoy seeing your projects!! Dora made it thru surgery OK, I'll pick her up today at 4.

Ghost said...

Your cuddles and Cape turned out so great. An easy pattern for sure. But really not fast.