Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let's not forget the little guy

Sometimes I get caught up making things for little girls, I forget to make things for the little guys. So, here is an easy boy sweater. It's done in a V-stitch.

Pattern: Hugs Baby Sweater for Boys (another from my archives. I had to do a search online to get the pattern)

Yarn: Lion Brand Baby Soft in Pastel Blue ( skein recieved from Millie)

Hook Used: H

This will be going in the box to VNS of NY. I will not get to mail it out before Saturday now. I won't have the car again at night before then. When I get home from work, Rachel is waiting at the door to get in it to go to work. I don't even shut it off. lol

I think we will be getting some rain today so it'll be a good day to stay in and maybe start working on another project. I started a quilt for Rachel a while ago and never finished it. I think it will become a lapghan instead of a full size quilt. I finished 11 squares and will put 9 of them together for her. Rachel and I also went to my local fabric store. This is all they sell. Fabric and accessories. They also hold classes to make different quilts, table runners, etc. We actually picked out the fabric to make Brady's quilt. Going back and forth with ideas, I decided on doing a Rail Fence Quilt. Here is a pic of the one I made for class last year. I think it will come out cute with the fabric we picked out. Plus, if I want I can add a little thicker batting to it then the one I put in this one. I will decide that when I get that far.

Have a Sunsational Sunday and a wonderful week.

Until next time...



Ghost said...

Love the sweater and they are going to be so happy to receive your package. The quilt is so nice too. I have never seen that pattern before. Can't wait to see the new one. Nice work as always.

Crochet Princess Beth said...

Your sweater is so pretty - love the color! Just love your quilt! Wish I knew how to quilt. I made a basic one when I was 14 and none since. Guess I need someone to show me! :)

Sandy said...

The quilt is fabulous.