Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sneak Peek...

Here are the fabrics Rachel and I picked out for Brady's quilt. I do hope these are going to be ok. There were a lot of options had Brady been a girl but, choosing boy fabrics was not easy. We both loved the sheep and the bees. I hope the flowers don't make it look girly. We'll see when it's all together.
There are many Rail Fence patterns out there and some are free. The one we worked from in class was from the 2nd edition Start Quilting with Alex Anderson book. There are 6 projects for 1st time quilters in the book. All seem as easy as the Rail Fence.

I should have added this to the last entry but, I thought it would make it a little long.

Have a good one!

Until next time...


Crochet Princess Beth said...

I just love the colors you two picked out! Can't wait to see the finished quilt! What a special little guy!!!:) (I was in Wilmington and Dover yesterday - thought about you when I was in the area!!! Stopped at A C Moore and got some tax free yarn! Hugs!)

Ghost said...

Oh so sweet for a baby. and boys like flowers too. They keep giving them to us, don't they?

Oh and the original scarf was 20 feet long.

Sandy said...

Maybe if you use a dark navy blue thread to quilt with instead of white it will look more boyish? Just a thought. I agree; picking out boy stuff is much harder. I try to use darker colors, ships instead of animals, rainbows are also pretty non-gender.

Keep us posted an post pictures as you go. I've often changed my mind once I start something and decide it's just not gonna be quite what I'm looking for.

When's the wee one due? How much time do you have to think, ponder, ulter etc. lol

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