Saturday, February 28, 2009

What I did today...

Pattern: Let's Make Mittens

I found this pattern a while ago and had the fleece for some time now also and just got up enough courage to try it out. It is a fairly simple pattern. I will not be sending this pair out anywhere though. I will let this serve as an example of what not to do. I followed the directions for the elastic but, as it turns out, it is too long. They will not stay on very well. I will not be adding the extra 1 1/4" that they say to. If I make it to fit my wrist it should be fine. Elastic does stretch. Also...I will sew the end of the elastic closer to the edge so that it can't be seen on the outside. I'll also switch the dark thread from the bobbin to the top and the light in the bobbin. This way the thread won't be seen on the outside either. I guess that part really isn't important but, I think it would look nicer.
I was actually looking for an easy and fast way to make mittens to send out. I am not sure how warm these will be or if they get wet, will they still be ok? I have never worked with fleece but, it was on sale at Joann's so I said why not? I thought with the camo pattern I couldn't go wrong. I don't know.
I will try this again and see how the 2nd pair comes out.

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Ghost said...

Sometimes trial and error pays off. In this case I don't think they are that bad and may be tight on a mans wrists. They can be warn inside mittens to make them extra warm too.

Scarlet said...

Those are adorable Bunny! You are so gifted in so many different crafts. I love coming and watching your blog. Never a dull moment here. Keep up the good work.