Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another pic of Roxie

The #1 rule has been broken and it hasn't been a day yet. Not on the couch! lol This came out neat. She has had a good day, all things considered, taking her from familiar surroundings with a sister and a mother to here. There will continue to be adjustments but, I'm sure she will do well.

Until next time...


Ghost said...

sometimes we just have to demand what is ours.

Sandie said...

haha That is a good picture. She will be a big dog from the looks of those paws. We had the no sofa rule and it was not followed with our old sofa. When we got a new one, we reinstated the rule and in a pretty short time our dog was trained to stay off. She only would jump on when she got really excited or when given special permission (or maybe when we weren't home??) Personally, I didn't care much if she got on the sofa, but hubby preferred she did not do so cos he liked to lie on the sofa and it would get a dog smell. I know you will enjoy your new family member.