Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Having a toddler around

Yep! That's just what it's like with Roxie. LOL When I got home from work last night, I took her out in the yarn and played with the tennis ball with her. She loves that until she gets tired and just lays down and chews on it. lol

This morning I thought it would be a good idea to start getting her on my schedule. I fed the cats first and got them up on the washer and dryer and then I took Roxie out of her crate. I brought her outside right away. We came in and I fed her and brought her outside again to poo. I thought I would be able to sit down and eat my breakfast. Nope! Toddler remember? LOL I had to put her back in her crate. She will not be in there the rest of the day. It seems to work out that she is only in there for night time. She has to be watched constantly.

She loves sneakers, slippers, yarn, clothes, the bottom of my bathrobe, pretty much anything that is not nailed down. I try and reinforce her good toys with her when she does something bad so that she will learn that she can still chew on her things and leave ours alone and not just focus on the negative.

She is a cutie! I was going to call the lady we got her from last night but, Roxie was running around and I thought..nope..can't be on the phone. I have to watch her. This will not last forever. Just like kids she will grow up so fast. We are truly enjoying her. She is certainly keeping us on our toes. LOL

Have a wonderful day! Warmer weather is coming! I can feel it!

Until next time...


June said...

I truly admire your patience, and am glad that cats don't require so much work and attention! Good luck with the new puppy.

Ghost said...

I think you nail it when you said like having a child around. Sounds like lots of love is being exchanged and bonding is happening. so happy for yoiu.

Sandie said...

That's why I have said I would like to get an older dog. I don't know if I have the energy for a toddler. LOL But you never know. Moms do what they gotta do. :-)

Scarlet said...

Roxie is BEAUTIFUL!! Now I want a dog!!! I have been wanting one for a long time. We have an older cat that is just petrified of dogs and we do not want to traumatize her so we will wait to have a dog.

Enjoy Roxie, I can see by her photos that she is enjoying her new life and home.

*HUGS* and Scratches for Roxie!!