Thursday, March 26, 2009

Girls just want to have fun

This little girl loves to play in water. A few times we had her water bowl on the floor and the next thing you hear is her playing in it. Her 2 front feet right in! LOL it's raining and I brought her outside after she ate and she found water. Yep! Both feet right in it! LOL Of course this is what the back room looks like. Roxie was having a blast! She was not barking at the cats...she wasn't eating shoes or slippers she was just having fun. She has to get rid of that energy some how.
Of course I have my work cut out for me and she is now in her crate. Quiet time.
Ok... I'm off to clean the floor. Have a wonderful night.
Until time...


Crochet Princess Beth said...

That is toooo funny! Happy Mopping!!

Ghost said...

Wow she is getting so big. And she is so full of playfulness. It sounds like you are having fun too.

Scarlet said...

Well blogger just ate my comment for breakfast so I guess I will do another. LOL

What a cutie pie that doggie is. Makes me miss mine. As you know her energy will clam as she gets older but I am guessing that you will miss that in her.

Enjoy her and we know that she has the best mom in the world, and I think she knows that too.