Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a beautiful day!

Signs of Spring. This was a Spring day if I ever saw one! lol This is part of the Maple tree in our back yard. The leaves are starting to come out a little bit more every day. Steve even mowed the lawn today. The first of the season. I went on a cleaning frenzy. I am not sure how it happened. It started with cleaning the inside of the fridge. Taking the shelves out, washing them, putting them back. Then it was the kitchen curtains going into the wash, then the inside and outside windows getting washed. Rugs getting washed and dried. Doug got the screen put in the back door so I am able to leave the door open now and the pets can still get out. There is a magnet that keeps it closed but, not strong enough that they can't get out.
What a wonderful day! I don't have many of these as my house will attest to but, I love it when I do. I was all full of energy and just ready to go. I had not planned it because if aI had it wouldn't have happened.
Rachel and Steve went grocery shopping. I cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill when they got back. Rachel cooked bacon and baked onion rings.
I am looking forward to more days like this. Maybe not cleaning but, weather like this just to perk up the attitudes a bit after winter. Even though we don't get much snow, the winter is a dreary time of year. Spring is..everything coming back to life and so colorful.
I hope you had a good day also.
Until next time...


Scarlet said...

What a perfect day you had. I can smell the spring and the clean. It always start with one thing and then it gets catchy and you move to something else and before you know it your whole kitchen is spotless. I love when that happens.

Wishing you many more days like this minus the cleaning. Have a great day!!


Sandie said...

Some days just feel like cleaning days - those are few and far between here and it is more likely to hit my hubby than me, but sometimes ... you just gotta clean.

Ghost said...

I agree, I do not clean like I use too but I do get the urge and you just got too.