Thursday, March 19, 2009

New sweater pattern

Leave it to Bev Q. to come up with yet another sweater pattern.
Bev's One-Piece Side-2-Side Baby Sweater
This one is different though. I really like the concept. I'm going to have to give this one a shot. All one piece except for the hood? So I'm thinking that you can make it with or without the hood. I'm sure it would look better with a collar or something if you choose not to do the hood. It would need something.

She is always looking for easier and better ways of making things. Sometimes I have a hard time following her patterns but, more often than not, I have made quite a few of her patterns and they are really easy. Especially the diaper shirts.

After I finished the squares, I decided I was going to make a scarf for Compassionate Creations. I have not sent them anything in a while. I'm not sure how far I've gotten with it but, it is a good project to bring to work and work on it during my breaks and lunch. I haven't sent Sandy anything for The Bridge Project in a while either. Not sure what I've been doing. LOL I find it really hard to do anything at night. If I sit in the living room either in the chair or the couch, you can usually find me sleeping. This past week has been a particularly bad one in work. Today was a best day of the whole week. Sure the machines had their issues but, nothing compared to the last 2 days. Maybe I will give the scarf a shot and see how much progress I make.

Today is my Friday and I am off the next 3 days! Yep! Loving life! Tomorrow I get to bring Steve with me to bring the equipment back to Verizon. If they come and pick it up, they will charge us $80.00!! For what?? UGH!! We can also mail it back but, they are not far from us so, it'll be just as easy to drop it off. The sooner we are done with them the better.

Have a wonderful evening.

Until next time...


Scarlet said...

Bunny, I love the look of your blog. It is beautiful.
I wish I could knit faster, if I did I might try that sweater pattern. I still might give it a try. Thank you for sharing that link.

Hope you are enjoying your day off.


Bunny said...

Thank you Scarlet. There are so many neat free backgrounds there. It's really hard to choose one.

I do not knit fast either and it takes quite a while to finish the most simple projects.

June said...

Thank you for the "heads-up" on the new sweater pattern. I have used a few of her patterns and like them, as they make up quickly. I've made a copy of the pattern & will try it soon!

Bunny said...

You're quite welcome. I like her patterns also.