Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hats so far for SUNY

These are the hats I have made so far for SUNY. The pink and 2 green hats were made from the pattern Bobbie's Preemie Hat. The top 2 hats I used a double strand of Lion Brand Baby Soft in Pastel Green with a J hook. The bottom right hat I used the same Pastel Green but used a single strand with an I hook. Really makes a difference in the size of the hat. This yarn was sent to me from Millie. The bottom left hat was made with Bernat Candyland in Rainbowbrite with size 6 needles. It is a knit pattern from Bev Q's site. Bev's Secret Striped Preemie Beanie. The bottom middle is Bev's Preemie Plum hat . She came up with this because some of the babies heads are really the size of a plum. Hard to believe but, true. I used a G hook and Vanna's Choice in Dusty Blue.

I found something interesting while at Bev's site. I saw it a long time ago but, since I hadn't been making preemie items, I sort of forgot until yesterday.
Preemie NICU Clothing Information copyright Maureen, NJ 2007 - All Rights Reserved

I am not sure if anyone really follows these guidelines but, I think they are certainly helpful as to what colors to use and what not to use. I did happen to find a small amount of Bernat Softee Baby in white so, I will make as many hats as I can with this.

As my 3 day weekend comes to an end, I am glad for this project as I will have something to work on during my breaks.

I hope your weekend was good as well.

Until next time...

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