Sunday, May 31, 2009

SUNY in need of donations

This is the original email from Bev's Charity Challenge group:

I've asked Online Angels to add SUNY to the distribution list. That is thatfastest way I can think of helping this hospital although it would be great ifanyone else on this list wants to send their own items as well.

Here is the info I got from Bev Q's email:

Contact Person/Title:
Debra A. Owens, M.Ed./Sr. Program Analyst
SUNY Downstate Medical Center Office of Program Development
440 Lenox Road, Room 1N
Brooklyn, NY 11203

List of Needs:

Full-term, newborn hats
Preemie hats
Full-term, newborn booties
Preemie booties
Full-term, newborn blankets
Preemie blankets
Micro preemie Burial Layettes
Full-term, newborn mittens
Preemie mittens

Preferred Contact Information:
Email Address:
Telephone: 718-221-5148
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)

I am not sure how I missed this post but, I did. As it turns out, SUNY is close to Millie. She will be meeting the lady some time this week to give her what she has so far. I already have 4 hats made in a variety of sizes. I have the 5th one started but, because this one is knitted, it will take me a little longer. I should have it done today though.

If you don't make this weeks delivery, not to worry, the next one will be June 25th and then again at the end of July. From what I gather from Millie, this will be an ongoing project. The need is great there so, anything you can do to help will be much appreciated. I know how we all come together when a need arises like this.

If you are in need of patterns, Bev's has a lot of them.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for your help.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

Thanks for this info. I also missed the post and was wondering about it. I am committed to making hats for the Guatemalan babies, but then will try to make some for this project.

Sandy said...

I'm a little unclear, I too missed this; but don't check my yahoo mail these days...tend to forget about that account. Thanks for reminding me. Do we send on our own, or are we suppose to send to Millie...sorry I'm confused; maybe I was outside in the heat to long and the brain isn't working as well as it should.

I'm so behind sending donations; but baby items are good ones to make when time is short, so we'll see if I can add this to my list.

Have a good rest of the wkend