Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vet visit tonight

Roxie and I just got back from the vets office. She had to have a distemper shot. We were gone all of 20 mins. lol I asked the girl if she would put her on the scale and she did. When we brought Roxie home and the vet weighed her for the 1st time she weighed 28 lbs. the next visit she went up to 40lbs. Today she is 46 lbs. Gaining 18 lbs in just a couple of months. She is almost 5 months old. We are also trying to get her in to get spayed asap. The problem being is that she is a big girl and the longer they wait, she will get even bigger. The earliest is July 7th but, the girl wants to see if they can't get her in sooner. If I don't hear from her by Thursday, I am to give the office a call. We'll see what happens.

Nothing else happening here. Weather is gorgeous! Rainy season is over I guess. We had a week of it. The good thing is it got rid of a lot of the pollen that was all over the place. Now we just have whirlys coming from the trees. Not sure what else to call them. We used to open them and stick them on our noses when we were kids. lol

That's it for now I guess. Don't want to end up babbling about nothing. LOL

Until next time...

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Ghost said...

I used to love Whirlys, we called them spinners. So sorry to hear about Roxie. I sure hope she will be okay.