Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reposting SUNY info

It is more for me than anything. I suppose I could print out the info but, quite frankly, I have more than enough printed out and really don't need any more. lol Besides, it could very well help as a reminder to others as well.

We made it half way through the week! Amazing!

Here is the info I got from Bev Q's email:

Contact Person/Title:Debra A. Owens, M.Ed./Sr. Program Analyst
SUNY Downstate Medical Center Office of Program Development
440 Lenox Road, Room 1
NY 11203

List of Needs:Full-term, newborn hats
Preemie hats
Full-term, newborn booties
Preemie booties
Full-term, newborn blanketsPreemie blankets
Micro preemie Burial Layettes
Full-term, newborn mittensPreemie mittens
Preferred Contact Information:
Email Address:
Telephone: 718-221-514810:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST)


Elizabeth said...

Great reminder for me too! :) I'm working on burial layettes. So sad, but they really need them.

Scarlet said...

Hi Bunny,

Been missing you so I am trying to catch up. BRADY is adorable!! Congrats to you!!
This is great information about the baby things. I know that I was in a group and made some preemie things and sent them in and the list owner was not happy. It is good to know that someone wants the things that we make for the littler ones.

*HUGS* to you and your family. Enjoy Brady!!

Sandie said...

It never hurts to repost. I do the same. I am often at my own blog to remember something. LOL Always glad to see you. How's the pup? Been thinking on getting one myself. We'll see how it goes.