Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snagged another photo

Keep on taking those pics Roger and Amanda! I'll keep snagging them! LOL

This is my oldest son Roger and Brady. This is his lab Tucker. He's 7 yrs old now. They got home from the hospital around 1:00 this afternoon. Everyone is doing fine. Amanda is a little sad she can't go in the pool for 6 weeks. I told her she can get her legs wet. Small consolation I think. It has been in the 90s down there. Rog said it is June and it is Florida and it is summer. Yep! That's why I won't move down there! What we have been having is enough for me!

We have our hotel and flight reservations made as of tonight. Instead of going down on Thursday, we're going down on Wednesday and coming back on Sunday. We will take Wednesday as a rest day and head on over on Thursday. The hotel has a shuttle service and it's about 5 mins from their house, so it makes sense taking advantage of that. I do not feel comfortable driving in Tampa. It is a BIG city. The streets are BIG. I thought only Texas had BIG. lol Nope! I had actually thought of walking over but, if it's that hot, I think I'll pass.

Wednesday is almost over and we are almost over the hump. Yes people...the weekend is near again! Yippee! The light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Sandy said...

Congrats! I always get nervous when I see animals so close to newborns without resistence; but then I think it's all my medical background. I still believe in sterilizing bottles, not letting babies have stuff that hits the floor, has animal hair and so forth.

I agree with you on the walking. Too hot! Heat makes it much more difficult physcially.

Enjoy your time there, and safe travels.