Monday, September 28, 2009

Box sent out

Yesterday I sent out a box of hats to Sandy for the Bridge Project. It feels really good being back. It seems like it was a really long summer. lol I did not have my camera plugged in so, I didn't get a pic of them. I'm sure Sandy will when she gets a chance. Thanks Sandy.

I had remembered that the lobby of the post office remains open. Even on Sunday. I don't have to go during the week hoping there isn't a long line. I can go anytime. They have an automated center which I love and I don't have to go to the counter any more. As long as the box isn't too big.

Have a good week.

Until next time..


Sandy said...

Welcome back, it's good to have you. Love the new cute seasonally appropriate template and colors you're using. Very nice indeed.

Hope over for a picture, though since my camera died while out of town am using an old one which is iffy at best. First I had to remember how to use it. lol

Hugs for help, as always your work is beautiful. Love the feel of that hats, so nice and soft. What type of yarn did you use?

Also wanted to ask if the two striped up and own one's are knitted?

Thanks again

Sandy said...

Popping back in to ask if you could check the link, I got an error message but would love (as I'm sure others would), the link to the pattern you used.