Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids Earflap Hat

This is what I've been up to this week. a lot of times a pattern will come through my email. Sometimes I print it.. sometimes I don't. Depending on how complicated or time consuming a pattern it is. When I saw this one, it seemed like a very easy pattern and not much time to make it. I was correct. The name of the pattern is Kids Earflap Hat. Copyright 2009 Tiffany Roan. There is a pic of it and it looked like a really warm hat. It calls for one skein of chunky or 2 strands of ww yarn.

The blue hat on the left was made with Deborah Norville collection. Serenity chunky weight in Seven Seas. This yarn is so incredibly soft. I just love working with it. I used a J hook.

The hat in the middle was made with Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern in Taupe Rnbw Classic Pattern. I used a with a J hook. This is also a very soft yarn. Even though it is ww yarn, I only used 1 strand to make the hat. Only because the yarn itself is fuzzy and warm. I didn't think it needed 2 strands.

The hat on the right was made with Sensations Rainbow Classic Pattern in Purple 2 Rnbw Classic Pattern. I used a J hook.

Thank you JOANNS for the coupons. I had one 50% off and one 40% off. It's nice to find yarn on sale but, JOANNS insists on sending me coupons every couple of weeks so what am I to do? lol If there is yarn such as Sensations @ $7.99 a skein and not on sale, the coupons are very nice. I can get a few hats or so out of one skein which is nice.

I will be making more before sending them off to Sandy for The Bridge Project.

I hope you have had a good week and have an even better weekend.

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Sandy said...

If they send you these fabulous coupons, it seems to me you're forced to buy lovely yarn. lol See that way we can blame them when we continue to buy. Sorry hubby, I couldn't help it. lol