Friday, September 11, 2009

A rainy day here in Delaware

I seems like forever since I posted anything. Being kind of lazy I suppose. That's what hot, hazy and humid does to me. Makes me feel like not doing anything. The cooler weather seems to be creeping in though. It's still in the 80's but, is so much more doable than than 90 something plus humidity.

On Rachel news, she is all settled in and everything. She is working on changing her driver's license over to Florida. They wanted to go last week because the DMV was raising their prices but, because the line was out the door, and they were not too positive they would accept the residency item they had, they decided to wait. I think Rach was going to try and go Wednesday but, have not heard if it happened or not.

Rachel is so loving taking care of Brady! Who can blame her? He is the cutest! 3 months old already! It just doesn't seem possible. I will snag a new photo of him and post it soon.

On the crocheting news, Tuesday I found yarn (like that's a problem! lol) and my circular needle and a hat pattern and worked on it at break times Thursday and Friday. It felt so good getting back into it again. I have 2 capes done that I will post pics of. These were done a while ago but, never did post them. I will also post the info. Yarn, pattern etc. Winter will be here before we know it and a lot of people are still without warm items. Be it a hat or mittens or a scarf so, it's nice to be able to get back to it.

I am off the next 3 days (including today). My 1st day off consists of catching up on laundry. Clothes, sheets, towels. It is now 8:40am and the 2nd load is in the dryer and the 3rd is done in the washer waiting patiently for it's turn in the dryer. So I am accomplishing a lot with very little physical activity. As it should be. lol

I will be making my blog rounds. Lord knows I haven't done that in a while either. I know some other people tend to take the summer off also because of the heat so, I may not have missed too much.

I suppose I should contemplate showering and getting dressed. Before 9am? Yeah! Why not! lol
Although it's almost 9:00 now and doubt that will happen. Oh well.


Until next time...


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