Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's a bittersweet day today

Rachel, as we speak, is on a plane down to Florida. Not just for a week vacation but, has actually moved there. She should be landing in Tampa about 12:30. She has made a deal with Roger and Amanda, to take care of Brady and they will send her to a 2 yr school. What an awesome deal! Rachel will have to establish residency there for 6 months to take advantage of things but, that will give her time to get settled in and to think about what it is she wants to take in school. She has some idea and will look into things when things settle down some.
She will be greatly missed that is for sure! No more meals ready when I get home from work, Doug will have to make his own lunch for work. I'll miss the fun, the laughing, the goofiness and just plain her. Rachel is a smart girl and will do well in whatever she does. She just has to find her passion and she'll be all set.
We both have a camera set up on our computers and we both have Skype so we'll be all set. We can visit whenever possible.
We wish her luck with whatever it is she persues.

Until next time...


Sandy said...

Good luck Rachael. What a nice deal for her to get to go to school. I understand what you mean about missing her though. My daughter has been here for about 10 days visiting between her move from Baltimore to St. Louis. This wkend she's been out of town at a wedding...she leaves tomorrow for St. Louis. We must give our girls wings to fly and then commiserate together.

Take Care and do swing by


Sandie said...

I know you must miss her greatly. It's a new season of life, but not necessarily a bad one. Just takes some getting used to. Is it just you and hubby now?

Sandy said...

Me again, popping in to check on all my team members.

We've not had much in the way of visitations in the last couple of months, therefore I know most team members haven't been reading our blog. I need folks to read up, check in, leave a comment so I know you were there.


Sandy said...

Me popping in again this time from Sandy's Space, wondering how you're doing.