Monday, July 27, 2009

Going back to work

After 4 weeks of the voluntary lay off, I am going back to work today. It was suppose to be 6 weeks but, Doug called Friday and told me that they wanted him to call me and tell me they wanted me back on Monday. Did my boss really think I wouldn't answer the phone if I knew it was him? Yeah! He may have a point. LMAO Since..they were suppose to give me 5 days notice that I would be returning and they gave me nothing! Had I talked to him I would have mentioned that fact. I also have it writing. Ummm...somewhere. lol
I have enjoyed collecting money while I stayed home but, have to admit that getting a 40 hr paycheck will be nice.
Looks like I'll be able to get some crocheting time in again. Haven't gotten any done since the plane ride to Florida.
Hope everyone has a good week and stays cool. It is really nasty here with humidity. The air is so thick. UGH! One reason I am not looking forward to going back to work. Oh well!

Until next time...

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Sandy said...

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