Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last 2 hats for the box

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Blogger will not allow me to post pics for some reason.

I have 2 more Earflap Hats that will fit in the box. Both made with a J hook. One is made with Sensations Purple 2 Rainbow Classic Pattern and the other is Sensations Lav/Pink Multi Rnbw Classic. Both nice fuzzy and warm hats.

I will get this box out this week.

I posted the link to the Earflap pattern a couple of posts down if you'd like it. It takes no time at all to make these hats.

Have a great Sunday. Looks like we're having yet another cold and rainy day here. I would prefer this over the heat of summer any day. lol

Until next time...


Sandy said...

Sorry you're having trouble loading pics. No doubt some techy thing going on.

We're having sun today, though still cold; it's much prettier than it was yesterday.

Visiting all Bridge Team Members today.


Ghost said...

The hats are so sweet. I have had no problems with pictures as of yesterday but it did take a long time for them to upload.

Sandy said...

Bunny, your wonderful box of hats arrived last night. I'll get a photo up soon.

They are beyond fabulously soft, cute and I love them.

Forgot you posted the pattern. I really really need to try this one. My ears are always a problem, so this would be a good style hat for me.

As always your work is awesome.

Hugs for your help,
Sorry your pictures are giving you problems. Hopefully I'll be able to post on The Bridge for folks to see.

Sandie said...

I've saved off the earflap pattern too. Love it. Your hats are always so nicely done, Bunny. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sandy said...

Popping back in for a quick howdy.