Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mittens for the Bridge

These are easy to make but, because it is a knit pattern, it goes a little slower than a crocheted pattern. I have another pair almost completed with the same pattern but will look different.
Pattern used: Panda Man's Paw Warmers You will have to scroll down to get the pattern.
Needles used: Susan Bates Velosity size 8
Yarn used Purple 2 Rainbow Classic Pattern.
With this pair of mittens, I followed the directions and knitted every row. With the next pair, I knitted one row and purled the next row. It gives the mittens a whole different look.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I worked Black Friday (yesterday) so I was not out in the madness. I didn't miss it either. lol Maybe next year.
Christmas will be here before you know it. Will we be ready? We're always ready! lol
Until next time...


Ghost said...

For using variegated yarn, look how great they match. Terrific work.

Sandy said...

As always beautiful work, and so very much appreciated. I wish my printer worked so I could print the mitten pattern. I'll send to hubby at work to print. I LOVE the pattern. Mitten is nice and comfy, has a nice shape and is quite stretchy which is a bonus.

As always many many thanks Bunny for all you do.

We too had a lovely, though tiring Turkey Day.