Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another pair of mittens

I used the same pattern as the mittens in the previous post except, where I was suppose to knit, I purled, which gave it a different look. These have a right and wrong side where the other pair is the same inside and out.
I really like how this pattern works up especially with this yarn. This is the only knit pattern I have found so far that I was able to do.
Pattern: Panda Man's Paw Warmer
Knitting needles: Susan Bates Velosity in size 8
Yarn: Purple Rainbow Classic Pattern
Until next time...


Ghost said...

you do great work. They look terrific and warm.

Sandie said...

You sure have been busy, Bunny! I know all these folks will appreciate your hard work. I have to give mittens a try again. I need a break from hats.

Sandy said...

Me popping in from The Bridge to say hi, hope all is well. Beautiful work as always.


Sandy said...

Popping in on all the folks on my blog log from Sandy's Space today (while I'm taking a wee break from housework) to say Merry Christmas; in case I don't have time later.