Monday, December 21, 2009

Record snowfall

yep! we certainly had a lot of snow. This pic was taken Sunday during the clean up. We are hoping that it lasts until Christmas. That would be so nice. It is really beautiful at night with all the Christmas lights on. Of course, this storm could not have come at a worse time, as Saturday was our 22nd anniversary. We always go out to to eat somewhere and this year was to be no exception. Mother Nature had her own ideas though. We stayed in and ordered out. The pizza place we order from was delivering so we let them. They are 2 mins right around the corner. We gave him an extra tip for coming out in such bad weather. It was a very relaxing day. We will go out to eat at some point. Just not sure when. This is the kind of snowfall we were used to in Ct. This is what we moved away from . As Steve & I were shoveling, I said.. Ahhhh! the good ole days. No more! That's enough! lol Got some good crochet time in though. This is what snow is good for.

Until next time...



Ghost said...

Burrrrrrr, but so pretty. Glad you will still get to celebrate at another time.

Sandy said...

Pretty to look at, but work for sure. Stay warm, and enjoy your dinner out when the weather is nicer.

Visiting everyone from The Bridge today to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


Sandie said...

We enjoy snow when we get it, which is VERY seldom, but it usually only stays a few hours. I don't know as I'd like THAT much snow. LOL Glad you did have a white Christmas though and your pizza guy was kind enough to bring your celebratory meal! :-)