Thursday, January 14, 2010

Newest family member

Meet Jack. As in Jack Sparrow. lol I received him today. Thanks to Sandie, she found him on Ebay and sent me the link. I think he will be a very helpful addition. I had made a few changes in the hat pattern I was using and, I think I will go back to the way I was doing them. One was too long. I had put too many rows and this one is a little tight. Heads come in different sizes I know so, I am not the least bit concerned. I have already counted this hat. I just took it out of the box so that he could be wearing something for his debut.

Until next time...



Crochet Princess Beth said...

He's not as cute as Jack Sparrow - but he will work, right? :) I'd love to have one of those too!!! Crochet Hugs!

Sandy said...

Oh my, I need to upgrade; but I think dear Stella would go crazy. lol

Your Jack, Sandie's Hannah and my Stella...what a crew!



Sandie said...

Jack must be Logan's long lost twin. ;-) I think he will make a good addition to our modeling crew. He did a nice job with the hats. So did you!!