Friday, January 15, 2010

A little warmer today

Yesterday was suppose to reach 43 deg. Today is suppose to reach 46. The wind has not been as bad which, that in itself, makes things feel warmer even if it really isn't. I can live with this!
The 2 hats above are going in the box to Millie for the homeless. I am hoping to get the box filled over this weekend so that I can get it mailed out to her. I am still working on the scarf. That will be ongoing until I finish it. It's a 24 row repeat. I was doing 1 repeat in little over a day. When working, I don't have much time to work on it. Only on breaks. I have tried working on it at night but, it doesn't work. I take 15 to 20 mins in the morning before I shower in the morning to get a little bit done. Will post a pic of the progress maybe tomorrow.
Pattern used in the above hats: Super Simple Hat
Hook used: K
Yarn used: Both are from the Deborah Norville collection Serenity Chunky weight. The hat on the left is Berry Burst and the other is Golden. I really love how soft this yarn is. It also feels very warm. I like Vanna's yarn but, somehow I like this better. Sorry Vanna.
This is the start of my 3 day weekend.. I hope to get some things done here as far as cleaning goes. I seem to keep putting it off. There are always more important things to do. Like crocheting or knitting or napping, and not necessarily in that order. lol
That's it for now.
Until next time...


Sandy said...

Beautiful hats, as always your work is fabulous.

What type of homeless project does Millie have going? It's sad there is such need, in so many directions.

I should touch base with her. It's nice to see people in many areas coming forward to help care for these folks, guess that's the good and the bad of the whole homeless situation.

Happy WkEnd

Ghost said...

You do so much for so many