Saturday, January 23, 2010

A very exciting day

Last night as I was roaming and searching the internet, I found my local yarn shop, Stitches With Style. They have a blog with monthly classes. I was looking through the month of February and found a couple I thought I would be interested in. One class on Saturday Feb 13th is not really a class but, they call it that so that you have to sign up so they know how many will be there. It is a Chemo Cap class. You bring your own yarn and needles and patterns and work on the hat there. If you don't have yarn, some has already been donated that you could use if you didn't have any yourself. The caps are then donated to the Ronald McDonald House at AI Dupont Children's Hospital in Wilmington which not not too far away. It should be a good night.

The other class is for a cable scarf which will be held on Feb 28th. Mega Cables the pattern calls it. The girl showed me a scarf in progress and it is quite pretty. I asked her for help in picking out yarn as I had never purchased yarn there before. They have all kinds of yarn from what I saw was $14.00 a skein to a more reasonable price. I could never justify spending $14.00 (or more) on a skein of yarn. She helped me pick out Plymouth Yarn Encore Chunky Bulky knitting weight 75% Acrylic & 25% wool. It is so soft and machine washable and gentle tumble dry. I like that. I think it will be nice when it's done.

We also talked about charity work. What they have is a 3 tier baskets with zip lock baggies. Each baggy has a pattern and enough yarn for the pattern. It is totally free. The yarn is free. The pattern is free.. all I have to do is to make up the pattern and bring it back to them to donate. I got 2 baggies the same. Different color yarn. It is a Watch Cap pattern for the Seaman's Center in Wilmington. As you can see it didn't take me long to get started. lol I can bring these hats back any time I finish. There is no deadline for them. They had baby patterns there and more Watch Caps. There were others but, didn't look through everything. In the long run, I actually found a way to donate locally with no cost to me except for the gas to there and back which is only a 15 min trip one way. I came home very excited.
This does not mean however, I will stop working on hats for others. Scarlet, Sandy and Millie are all working on hats and scarves for the homeless. This just gives me an opportunity that I was looking for to donate here.
The other thing about the store is .. there is a table and chairs and if you want to, you can go up there and just knit. Work on new patterns or WIPs or anything you want. Very informal and there is always someone there to help out if you have a problem with anything. I hope to meet some nice people there. So far.. so good. :)
That's it for today.

Until next time...

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Ghost said...

this sounds so exciting. I am so happy for you. Everything by me is so far away.