Thursday, February 11, 2010


The above photo was taken in the backyard. We didn't shovel a path like that. It's from the overhang of the house. The next photo was taken from the front door.

This photo is from the driveway front door.

If I ever see this much snow again it will be way too soon. I have been enjoying the winters here in Delaware. So far, the last 3 winters have been non existent. The snow we did get was gone shortly thereafter. This amount of snow is not going anywhere any time soon. This is what we were used to in CT. The weather people are saying we are suppose to be getting another 1" or 2" next week. Do we need more? No! Will it be good for the water supply? Most definitely. The only thing is, we have to worry about flooding when all of this melts. We don't personally but, because it's so flat, a lot of roads get flooded. Even in heavy rain.
We have been very lucky as far as losing power. We only lost it for a little over 4 hrs last night. Had a nice fire going and candles lit. Did a little bit of knitting by the candles but, it wasn't easy. lol Decided to just relax.
Steve & I just got done shoveling the driveway. Nobody in the neighborhood has been coming in or going out. Snow is starting to melt a little bit so, I am hoping the main roads are clearing up a little.
That's it for now. Now that the driveway is done, I can work on getting things done inside.
Until next time...


Ghost said...

Too much snow and not enough summer that is what I feel like we had last year and this year. I with you. get me outta here.

Sandie said...

What a lot of snow. We would love a tiny bit of it but wouldn't know what to do with that much. Nice of your overhang to make you a little path. :-) Hope the snow is over for you. Glad you didn't lose power but for the few hours. That's great!