Friday, February 12, 2010

Something different

After being closed all week due to the snow, my lys, Stitches With Style, was open today. I was up there at 10:00 right when they opened. One reason was to drop of a couple of kid hats I had made from their charity bin 2, to see if the scarf I am making was ok ( I will post a pic of that soon) and to see if I could get yarn for a pattern I found. It's called Snowflake Hat. I am half done with the snowflakes at this point. I start the next color now. I was looking for the name of the color and they don't have names. They have numbers. How odd. lol I like this yarn very much. It's squishy. It is going to make for a warm hat. If this comes out ok, I will see if I can make some more in different colors. So far it's easy. We'll see how the rest of it goes. Will post another pic when it's finished. It's nice to work outside the box. Makes me think which is good.
Until next time...


Ghost said...

It's looking good so far. Love the blue

Anonymous said...

I've been admiring all your tremendous donations to Bridge and Beyond. All so beautiful!