Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jack is back to work

Jack was more than happy to help model this hat. I think the next one I make, I'll make a little longer to cover the ears better.

The pattern I used is called Snappy Hat by Corrina Ferguson from Picnic Knits. I found it on Ravelry. The yarn I used was Plymouth Encore Chunky #515. It is more of a slate blue than what the pic shows. I used size 10 circ needles 16" long to knit in the round. I am really starting to like knitting this way. I have not used Ravelry in the longest time but, am finding there are a lot of neat pattern for hats (and other items) there. A lot of them I wouldn't attempt to make but, there are a lot of easy patterns.

I am off to work today. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. Yes I found yet another pattern and will take it to work so I have something to do on my breaks. :o)

Until next time...



Sandie said...

Jack looks very proud to be modeling this hat. Nice job! (Both of you!)

Ghost said...

He is looking good and we are our worst critic.

Sandy said...

Jack looks fabulous darling....Stella wants to know if he's single? lol

Love the color. Like you I'm spurting on Rav; but it is a great site.

inviting all my friends from Sandy's Space to come visiting me on Traveling Suitcase, help me celebrate and enter the contest.

Sandy said...

Doing cables....on my list of things to learn...someday.

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