Friday, February 19, 2010


The top hat is another Snowflake Hat pattern. I think I linked the pattern with the blue hat.
Yarn used: Plymouth Yarn Encore Knitting Worsted Weight color # 999 & 449. The colors don't have names just numbers. 999 is the darker color. I used size 9 circular knitting needles.
The bottom hat was made from Aly's Owl pattern. I had enough yarn left over from the Snowflake Hat to make this one and I still have some left. I used size 7 circular knitting needles. Both are quite easy to make. They are also machine washable & tumble dry. The yarn is 75% Acrylic & 25% Wool. Really nice to work with.
I am excited about the way they turned out. They will be nice and warm.
I hope everyone has a great weekend. The sun is out and melting the snow! YAY! Especially on the streets. The roads in our community are still really bad but, are getting better. Hopefully by July. Just kidding. lol
Until next time...


Ghost said...

they are both so beautiful. Nothing like looking attractive while keeping warm.

Sandy said...

Beautiful as all your work always is. We're getting some melting today with the sun out; but I fear it's not enough for the mounds we have...and we're suppose to get more snow tomorrow. Though they've done a good job with our roads, I am really tired of it.

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