Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This is what I have been working on

I have been looking for a very easy knit baby sweater pattern. I have crocheted a lot of them over the years. Now that I am on this knitting kick, I wanted to try and knit one. The patterns have always intimidated me. That's why I have not tried to make one. At least until now. What prompted to me look for one in the 1st place is because my lys has a pattern page on their website and there was a baby sweater pattern. I didn't try it for the longest time until I found she was having a class on how to make it. I went and signed up for the class. I got a lot of the pattern already done but, got to the body part and it is confusing to me. I found the Baby Jiffy Knit Sweater through Google and tried it. I had some Bernat Softee Baby in chiffon Print, I had a size 5 knitting needle. I was good to go! Now mind you, I did read through the pattern before I started all of this to make sure I was not going over my head. On some patterns, the designer will make a note. It could be about anything. The note on this particular patter said... ALWAYS begin and end rows with 3 knit stitches. Now... if these notes weren't important, she would not have put it there. Correct?
As you look at the pic, the top part of the sweater, down to the sleeves, have the knit 3 at each end, as does the bottom part of the sweater where the pattern is. So what happened to the middle??? Why did I not follow that all the way down the sweater like I was suppose to. Because it wasn't written on each line? There was the note! Remember?? UGH! It is suppose to look like a band going down the front. Now it curls. It's not suppose to do that! I didn't even notice until I was making the tie for it. I was going to make a 3 stitch I-Cord but was finding it was going to take as long to make as the sweater did so, I opted for the good ole G hook and chained 100 sts. I said.. Why is that curling under like that? Dimwit! You forgot the note! I am not sure if I will send this one out or keep it. The pattern itself is pretty easy to do. It's that last brain cell that failed me that time. I think I will make a note on the lines on the pattern to serve as a reminder to self about knit 3 beginning and end of row. If that doesn't work.. all is lost. I'm not going to give up on making another one. I enjoyed doing it. Sometimes I wish knitting was like crocheting. All I would have had to do was frog it back and continue on. Not so easy with knitting. Oh well. All I know is that after tomorrow, I have a 3 day weekend. Something to look forward to! lol I have plans on what I want to get accomplished this weekend. Let's see if they come to fruition. lol or I could just be a lump and work on another project. lol
Until next time...


Sandie said...

I don't know anything about knitting, so no help there, but I'm happy you'll have a 3 day weekend! Enjoy!

Sandy said...

Love the look, but reviewed the pattern and it seems too complicated. I'd like something I don't need to transfer stitches to a holder etc.

Maybe one day I'll get brave enough to try it.

It looks great to me!