Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Surgery went well

The surgery was scheduled for 1:00pm so, they wanted me there at 11:30am. They pretty much took me right away after checking in. Dr. Solocoff, my orthopedic surgeon, was running a little late with his 1st patient but, seeing as I wasn't going anywhere it really didn't matter. The staff at the surgical center were all fantastic. I'm not sure what time I actually got into the OR but, with everything said and done, we dropped Doug off at work just before his shift started at 4:00pm. That was pretty quick. Dr. Solocoff gave me a Rx for 5mg of Oxycodone which I filled last week. I took one just before I went to bed just in case I needed it during the night. Yesterday, I didn't take any meds at all because I didn't need them. I did take one just before bed. I sat in my recliner the better part of the day and Rachel took great care of me with icing my knee. 1/2 on ... 1/2 off. I got up a few times but, not very often. We will see what today brings. The Ace bandage and everything underneath comes off tomorrow and I'll be able to shower. Can't wait for that! I still can't believe that I am not in any sort of pain or anything. I thought for sure as with anything kind of numbing meds, I should feel something when it wore off. I am just very lucky I guess.
Dr. Solocoff found a tear on the inside and the outside of my knee. He also said there was arthritis in there. I will have to ask him if he meant more than the original find with the X-rays or if that was it. He also took before and after pics of inside my knee which are fascinating to look at. When I go to my appt on the 27th, he told me to bring them and he would explain them to me. I am really glad I decided to take 2 weeks off from work because, it is very slow going and with the amount of standing and walking I have to do in work, it would not be possible for me to do my job. He also said I should be back to normal after 6 weeks. Not too bad. Right from the start they wanted me walking on it, just over overdoing it. I have not been overdoing it. I am doing and listening to what the Dr ordered. It's the only way to get better.

I hope this finds your week going just as well as mine is. I sure do have enough yarn to keep me busy plus the TV. I am sure by the end of the day I will start the boredom thing but, not yet. lol

Until next time...


SandieP said...

Glad it all went well on the day. You may feel bored at first because you're not used to being home, but by the end of the two weeks, maybe you'll feel differently. :-)

Sandy said...

Popped back in several times to see how you're doing and am glad it sound so good. Hoping you're being a good patient.

Continuing to keep you in my thoughts.