Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Post op appt

Yesterday I had an appt with my dr. He wanted to make sure I was not having any problems with my calves or lower leg which would indicate to him, blood clot. Nope.. no problem. He also checked to see how far the leg would bend. Not too far but, farther than last week. The improvement is gradual and very subtle. I brought the pictures with me from the surgery and he went over them with me. WOW! My knee was more messed up than I thought. You can see in the top pic, the 2 spots where he went into my knee.

The top left photo shows where the tear is and the pic below shows it fixed. There are a couple of pics like that. I asked him what that fuzziness is (like in the lower right pic) and he said that was arthritis. I had no idea what it looked like. There was a tear on the inside and outside of the knee and arthritis on the inside and outside of the knee. He said it was hard to tell which came first. At the end of the day does it matter? It's there. I guess he can have his questions also. lol

Dr. Solacoff wants me to continue to ice like I have been. He wants me to keep exercising it and bending it to get the mobility back. I had an idea of trying to use my elliptical machine. That would straighten and bend the knee wouldn't it? Well... it worked! I went very slow with it just to make sure it wouldn't be to painful and ended up doing about 5 min. Maybe a little less. Afterward, I took my Ibuprofen, got my ice and sat and watched the Packer/Bear game. If I can do it a few times a day, I think that would be good. Just not over doing it.

The dr said I was good to go back to work but, with restrictions. I told him that they would not let me back with restrictions. If I'm there, I'm expected to be able to do the job. So, he released me for next Monday, the 4th with no restrictions. Oh boy! Now I have a deadline. I hope this works. I will only have to work 4 days and then have a 3 day weekend. I don't think it will be that bad. *Keeping fingers crossed* I'll bring the Ibuprofen with me so I can take it at lunch. I should be fine. Besides, the guys out back are really good at helping me out if I really need and likewise, I help them also. I may be worrying over nothing. I have to go back to see him in a month which would be Oct 27 @ 12:30. It will be a fast appt so I can use my lunch to go over there. It's only about 5 mins from work. If I'm late coming back, it won't matter. I won't lose that much time. Only mins.
It rained here off and on yesterday. We need it so bad! I was not complaining too much. Just about the humidity it brings. UGH!
I hope you have a great week!
Until next time...


SandieP said...

Glad things seem to be moving along well. It just takes time to recover. I'll keep my fingers crossed too. :-) Enjoy your leisure time.

Ghost said...

wow, a lot has happened while I lanquished in the heat. I am glad things are going well in spite of my absence of prayer. Hope it continues that way and I will be checking in again more often. Enjoy the rest of your medical vacation.

Sandy said...

Sounds like things are moving along nicely. I know that's exciting for you. Please be careful when you go back to work.

Leaving you (((HUGS))

Sandy said...

Checking back in to see how things have gone at work without restrictions. How are doing?

Playing catch up with my blogging, got your post in que for the 10th with your sweet mittens.

Hugs for the help

Sandy said...

Me again rounding from Sandy's Space visiting my blog friends. Even though (hint hint) some don't seem to be blogging much.