Monday, November 15, 2010

Nothing really new

Nothing really exciting going on and haven't really felt like blogging. Whether it be bored of it, just being lazy or whatever but, will update on what I've been up to.

Oh my! I guess it has been a while. Oct 27th I had a dr appointment for my knee and still had a lot of pain. He gave me a cortisone shot to help it along. The 1st shot didn't do anything, hence the surgery. I also told him I was thinking of switching to Aleve instead of taking the Ibuprofen. He said to wait a couple of days which I did. I actually take Naproxen Sodium which is Aleve but, cheaper. I take 2 in the morning and if I remember I take 2 at night and it has made a world of difference. The Ibuprofen he had me take was to reduce swelling. The Aleve is a pain reliever and I think that's the difference. I still have to be careful and I can tell when I push too much or walk too fast but, all in all am very happy these days.

Millie asked me to help her with chemo hats for her charity and sent me a box of wonderful yarn. Some of the yarn was donated to her so she passed it along to me. I have 4 hats so far. Not all can be used chemo patients but, nonetheless, will keep someone warm this winter. I am not a scarf making person as it gets boring somewhere around the 6" mark. Maybe it's me or just the pattern but, I find I can't do it. Well, in the box I found 1 skein of Red Heart Soft yarn in Teal. Very pretty color. I am not a teal kind of person but, this is really pretty! I am always on the look out for new patterns. Not that I need any more by any means but, but just to do something different. I came across this scarf pattern. Yeah I know. Remember my above comment? Well this scarf pattern is very easy and is somehow holding my attention. The pattern is called Toasty Twisty. The directions for the right twist was not very clear, as I was not sure which 1st stitch she was referring to. Dumb as that may sound. I found a very clear how to video and it is very easy. The pattern is a 4 row repeat and once you get into it is very easy to remember and also easy enough to tell where you left off. I try and leave off on row 8 so that I know that I have to start with row 5. Anything to make life easier. The size should be 5" x 66" but, mine is about 4 1/2". Not sure I will make the 66" with one skein but, will take it as far as I can. The 4 knit rows at the beginning and end make it flare. It's suppose to be that way.

Well.. it's breakfast time for me and the gang. 2 cats & a dog. lol Hope you all have a good week and will post a pic of the scarf when it's complete.

Until next time...

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SandieP said...

Glad your knee is healing nicely. This is why there are so many crocheters out there with different interests. What one doesn't care to do, somebody else loves. :-) I'm a scarf person. I've made dozens of scarves this year. In fact, I have a dozen sitting in my closet right now ... and one currently on the hook. I go in spurts on hats and squares. The knitted scarf is very pretty! Have fun with it.